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Mailing Address

476 Parliament Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, On., Canada
M4X 1P2

Artistic and Administrative Personnel

Yvonne Ng
We keep trying to get rid of her but she won’t go away.

Mairéad Filgate, Artistic Associate
Skilled at tightrope walking with tigers.

Laura Cournoyea, General Manager
Trapeze artist. Armed with highlighter and sharpies, galore.

Sam Hale, Arts Encounters Program Manager
The Ringmaster’s apprentice and tiger liberator.

Sandy Thi, Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Aranda, Communications Manager
Ambidextrous. Self-proclaimed tiger whisperer.

Juliana Feng, Communications Assistant


Meredith Kenny, Resource Development Coordinator
Juggles flaming chainsaws while singing to tigers.

Robert Glumbek, Artistic Associate
Accomplished contortionist.

Board of Directors

Richard Lee
I act, I fight, I toil all day.  I grow communities and always have my say.  I am an actor/fight director/sound designer and theatre admin.

James Beamish
accounting on aircraft // dance stumbling foreigner // shy so bluster.

Michael Plauntz
Chartered Accountant-knits & spins & figure skates & dances vicariously. Technical, balanced with creativity. Always organized, with remarkable insight.

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