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Swallowing Clouds™

Our Swallowing Clouds program was created in 2009, in partnership with the Toronto Public Library. Swallowing Clouds brings professional dancers, authors, poets and musicians into the community to work with children and youth ages 9-12, and guide them through an inspiring creative journey leading up to an exciting final end-of-program performance.

Moving Stories™

Moving Stories (previously called Picture Us!), our fun and exciting cross-generational community-based arts program was created in 2015.  Our inaugural programme was supported by Toronto Arts Council – Artist in the Library programme and the Toronto Public Library, where we were at Richview Library for the Fall & Winter of 2016. Open to youth ages 9 – 12 years and older adults ages 65 and beyond, these workshops offer an introduction into the enriching world of art – dance and creativity. Professional dancers, musicians and theatre artists work with participants to guide them through an inspiring creative dance journey.

The Labrador Project

The Labrador Project is a new multidisciplinary arts collaboration that brings together four remote communities within Labrador. Professional dance artists, filmmakers, and theatre artists will work together with youth aged 9-11, guiding them on a self-led creative journey, exploring their own communities as well as their own personal stories.


Developing choreographic “vocabulary” is daunting. Our workshops explore ways to find the ‘dance’ in the memories and stories inside ourselves, and guides participants to generate movement based on their own personal and authentic impulses and histories.

Master Classes

Master classes provide an introduction to our repertoire. The classes begin with a warm-up, and then move into learning the dance phrases from selected repertoire. The learning focus is on the detail within the larger movement, mechanics of working in the space and performance quality.

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