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Photo by David Hou

Collection #1: Xiao Bai Chuan (2003)

The piano is not just a musical instrument. For many, especially those who experienced the instrument as part of their growing up, the piano holds a lot of memories – of childhood, of family, of fantasies about this physical presence that can transport one to all sorts of places from the sounds it makes.

Photo by David Hou

Collection #2: VoyAge (2004)

This work starts with the creation of a seven-circle labyrinth formed with eighty pairs of Ng’s shoes. The collection of shoes represents a tangible timeline that tracks several separate aspects of her and her evolving community’s march across time. The shoes depict obsessions, materialism, but also her story and memories.

Photo by Geoffrey Stone

Collection #3: Headdress (2004)

This work is heavily influenced by Yvonne’s love for Chinese opera, street opera, the symbol or burden of a headdress especially when decorated by gifts from friends, loved ones, mentors and relatives.

Photo by David Hou

Collection #4: InVitation (2004)

Performed by Yvonne and the soundtrack by Darren Copland’s Random Jukebox.  With each performance, someone from my life will receive the InVitation.

Photo by Geoffrey Stone

Collection #5: Strings Attached (2007)

This work was inspired by an evolving cats cradle.  Cat’s Cradle is a game or story telling device where patterns are formed with string woven around one’s fingers. My life has been ruled by voluntary and involuntary ties and constraints and each part of this web continues to shape who I am and inform my creative expression.  The 135kg aluminum frame and cables realizes the cat’s cradle.

Photo by Geoffrey Stone

Collection #6: 11:07 (2007)

Born at 11:07 a.m. – first breath. The composition (both music and choreography) for this work was created from self portrait drawings of my body and body parts.

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